Your Ultimate Guide to Charismatic Curls


Your Ultimate Guide to Charismatic Curls 

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and in terms of hair, we always want what we can’t have. Those rocking pin-straight locks constantly yearn for some sort of volume. Although the argument can be had that straight hair requires far less maintenance, but we can’t help but be a bit jealous of those charismatic curls. From luscious waves to bouncy curls, we have focused in on the do’s and don’ts of maintaining and acquiring this fearless style.

Natural hair has been forecasted to take over the hair world in 2018, so we have some tips and tricks to maintain your daily do. Here is your ultimate guide to charismatic curls.

Skip the brush

Whether you have short, shoulder length, or long cascading curls, it’s likely to go without saying, that taking a brush to your locks is a huge no-no. Combing through naturally curly hair tends to break apart tightly wound strands, leaving the hair frizzy and more prone to breakage. We recommend using a wide tooth comb on wet hair to prevent tangles, which also maintains the integrity of the curls.

Stick with the essentials

Many use various products in order to combat those unwanted side effects, but we all know that too much of a good thing can be bad. When it comes to hair, too much product can cause oiliness that ultimately makes styling a hassle. So make sure you choose a trusted product that is formulated specifically for your hair type. Opt for products that contain moisturizing, high-quality ingredients. Keep in mind that incorporating trusted products into your hair routine limits the need for excessive use. And that’s exactly why we have formulated a Smoothing Keratin Treatment to keep your hair healthy between blowouts and our Style Prep 10 to get an all-in-one styling prep and conditioner.

And what about all of our straight stranded ladies out there? Getting those bouncy, voluminous curls can be a bit more of a challenge, but keep your head high, girl. We have some tips for you too!

Choose the right tool  

The type of curl you want to achieve completely depends on the tool that is used. Prefer a more romantic, sultry curl? Opt for a traditional barrel curling iron with the included clamp. Begin at the bottom of the section, and twist up to the root. Complete with a slight comb out for a polished finish.

Or what about those picture-worthy beach curls? We recommend a large diameter wand to get the effortless waves you’re looking for. Keep in mind that the tightness of the curl will depend on the thickness of the barrel. Twist the hair around the wand and away from your face. A spritz of FS Finishing Spray will top off any hairstyle and help you attain these flawless textured waves.

Keep it in place

When it comes to styling, the ability to keep curls intact all day long is our biggest frustration. And while hairspray is definitely an essential fix to your loose curls, there are more ways than one to maximize the duration of your curl hold. Incorporating a finishing spritz, or a nourishing serum in addition to your hairspray can extend the life of your curl.

But your hair needs more than just product to get those long-lasting curls. Advice claiming to skip daily shampoo and conditioning treatments has been circulating the internet by hair experts everywhere for years. And for good reason, when it comes to hairstyling. In order for a curl to hold, it must have some sort of substance to hold it in place, and your hair’s natural oils will absolutely do the trick.

It’s no secret. Styling your hair can be a pain more times than not, but any girl can get those full, charismatic curls if you follow these tips. For more products to help you achieve bouncy, healthy, and long-lasting curls, check out FS Styling Mousse, FS Curl Defining Cream, and FS Shaping Spray.

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