Haircare Products

Our Fantastic haircare products are formulated for both professional and home use. Our products are highly concentrated and use the latest technology to give you healthy, shiny hair every time. Whatever your hair needs – color protection, smoothing, volumizing, moisturizing or styling we have the solution for you! Ask your stylist how to maintain your style at home with our Fantastic haircare line.

Products available for purchase through salons.

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Product Type

Real Dry Shampoo

Formulated by Professionals - extends washes and instantly refreshes.

FS Product Photo Dry Shampoo

Real Matte Wax

Formulated by Professionals - builds texture and dimension.

FS Product Photo Matte Wax

Real Molding Mud

Formulated by Professionals - delivers definition, texture and a matte finish.

FS Product Photo Molding Mud

Real Pomade

Formulated by Professionals - provides maximum shine and texture.

FS Product Photo Pomade

Real Style Prep

Formulated by Professionals - offers an all-in-one leave-in conditioner.

FS Product Photo Style Prep

Smoothing Balm

Formulated by Professionals to provide sleek and shiny results.

FS Product Photo Smoothing Balm