Fall Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

The season of change

Fall is seen as a time of change and starting over—even more than New Year’s. After a summer of chlorine and sun, your hair may need a new start. This season is the perfect time to change your look with a new haircut, color or both! Like a fresh box of crayons on the first day of school, a new style for fall is the ultimate way to get the season started.

Bangs without commitment

Adding curtain bangs to your fall hairstyle is a small change that can add a big impact. Because they’re typically longer and can be side-swept, curtain bangs can blend into your style whether you have long locks or a shoulder-length cut. Curtain bangs can create a fun flair, especially when you pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun. If you’ve been itching to try bangs, this is a great way to try out the look. If you decide the upkeep isn’t for you, growing them out won’t be too long of a process. Ask your favorite FS stylist to cut your bangs from shorter in the center to longer at the sides, and have them blend into your current cut. If you decide they aren’t for you, simply sweep them to the side.

A bob for all seasons

There is a reason why the bob hairstyle never goes out of fashion. If shorter hair is what you crave, you can chop off a couple of inches and get a fun, bouncy, completely new look. Depending on the texture of your hair or shape of your face, there are many bob cuts to choose from. A choppy bob is always popular, but a rounded bob that frames your cheekbones is also a trend this fall. Ask your stylist what type of bob haircut would work for your hair type and let them know which of your features you’d like to highlight.

The fall crop it all off

It doesn’t have to be fall to want a huge change, but nothing says update like a short, bold cut. Like the bob, short cuts come in all layers and sizes, but when you request a cropped hairstyle from your stylist’s chair, please keep in mind that it could be a drastic change. If you’re fairly sure you’ll love it and don’t mind the extra visits to your stylist to keep it short, by all means go for it. But if you’re a little hesitant to go super short, ask your FS stylist what kind of cut would be the easiest to grow out.

Fall into your best style

You don’t need to make a huge update to achieve a brand-new fall look. Even a few lowlights in your hair can give a subtle-yet-significant change. Use the dip in temps and humidity as an excuse to try a more layered look and be sure to speak to your FS stylist about which cuts and styles you may want to try. They can tell you how much daily care a potential new cut would need and help you decide if your new fall look may require more upkeep than you expect. A new fall hairstyle can be like a breath of fresh, crisp autumn air.


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