Fall in Love with These Valentine's Date Night Hairstyles

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you’ve probably at least given some thought to what your plans will entail. Whether going out or staying in, celebrating with that special significant other or simply a group of friends we’ve got a look for you. Date nights out can be exciting, from elegant fine dining excursions to laid-back adventures, but staying in can be just as fun while sharing company with loved ones.

Whichever the case, we’re here with some great date night hairstyles which will help you look fantastic no matter how you’re celebrating the holiday of love.

Curls for the win

When deciding on a date night hairstyle, we believe strongly that you can never go wrong with curls. For your special day, pump up the volume in your hair and set your curl level to “maximum.”

Depending on your hair type, you might need to adjust your approach, but the goal is big volume with lots of curls. If you’re beginning with straight or fine hair, don’t worry—you can still achieve the look. After shampooing your hair, apply some FS Thick and Full Root Boost in the root area, distributing evenly through the ends. It will provide protection from heat styling tools and add moisture, volume and shine to your finished style. Blow dry your hair upside down, focusing on raising hair away from the crown for an extra volume boost. Next, use a 1” curling iron or wand to curl small sections of hair all over your head. It may help to clip up the top half of your hair while curling the bottom half first, then releasing small sections of the top half as you curl away. While you’re working, FS Shaping Spray can help perfect your style, adding texture and control, as well as bonus shine. Finish off your style and keep your curls in place with our FS Finishing Spray.

Already have naturally curly hair? Enhance and accentuate your natural curls with our FS Nourishing Serum, applying to damp hair, then using a blow dryer with a diffuser to keep frizz at bay. You may have enough curls at this point, but you can always add more with a curling iron or wand to get just the right effect.

Layered accessories

An easy-but-gorgeous solution to your date night hairstyle is to use a variety of layered accessories. While we love choosing that one statement piece to complete an outfit, like a brightly-colored headband or large, crystallized barrette, sometimes you can make even more of a statement by layering smaller barrettes, clips, pins and other embellishments. 

When layering hair accessories, they should have a common theme to complement each other, like gold-tone and pearls, silver and clear stones, multi-colored beads or something completely unique that suits your personality.

A great way to achieve this hairstyle is to smooth down your hair on one side and layer your accessories together on that side. Be sure to use a styling product like our FS Style Prep 10 to add shine and softness while controlling frizz and preventing any unnecessary breakage.

Romantic chignon

For an elegant touch to your date night, try a loosely styled, low chignon. This classy hairstyle can perfectly complement any outfit, from adding the finishing touch to your fancy evening attire to dressing up your more comfortable loungewear.

The most important detail to consider when styling your chignon hairstyle is getting enough volume at the crown of your head before pulling the hair back. To help accomplish this, start by gathering the crown section of hair, holding it up with one hand while applying some FS Thick & Full Root Booster spray directly at the roots with the other hand. Hair will be instantly volumized at the crown. If you need additional volume throughout, feel free to apply the root booster elsewhere to pump up your style. Then, gather your hair loosely at the nape of your neck and secure into a ponytail with an elastic. There are many different ways to proceed from here to finish your chignon style—you could use hairpins to secure the loose hair around your elastic, split the hair above the ponytail and flip the hair through for a twisted look or coil (or even braid) sections of the loose hair before pinning up.

Add a soft, romantic touch to your date night chignon hairstyle by pulling down a few face-framing wisps of hair and curling them subtly with a wand or flat iron. If you’re having trouble perfecting this hairstyle yourself, give your favorite FS stylist a call for a professional touch to set your date night up for success.

Polished topknot

Another fantastic date night hairstyle for your Valentine’s festivities is the polished topknot. To accomplish the sleek style and minimize flyaway hair, start with our FS Nourishing Serum, emulsifying one to two drops between your hands and applying to damp hair from roots to ends. Formulated with Argan oil, the serum will help add shine, reduce static and frizz and even cut down on your drying time. Blow dry your hair while brushing to help smooth the hair, then gather all of your hair at the top of your head and secure with an elastic. Twist the hair into a smooth topknot, securing the ends with hairpins tucked out of sight.

If you have bangs or simply want a faux-bangs look, keep the front section of hair down and out of your topknot style, then smooth them to the side and pin down the ends if needed.

Enjoy yourself

We love seeing—and helping your create—your gorgeous hairstyles for all occasions. No matter where this Valentine’s Day takes you, whether out on the town or relaxing with friends, we encourage you to try something new with your hair, and most of all, enjoy yourself! We’re standing by when you need additional help with your hairstyle, haircut or hair color.

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