Fancy Hairstyles for Your Festive Occasions

You’re likely in the midst of holiday party planning or getting ready for festive social events to celebrate the holiday season. This time of year, there’s no shortage of things to do, or hairstyles to try! Whether you’re attending a classy work or social event, holiday party or even a family get-together, why not step up your holiday hair game and try a fancy hairstyle? There are only so many days left this season to celebrate, so take full advantage of this opportunity to show off with your hair.

Updo your holidays

An updo hairstyle is the epitome of fancy, and the range of variations has no limit. Work with your FS stylist to customize your updo style and make it just as unique as you are.

Are you looking for a classic style? Opt for a low pulled-back hairstyle with curls and twists.

Prefer a little more edge to your wardrobe? Try an elaborate, loose fishtail braid that shows off your gorgeous hair color and the skill of your FS stylist!

Braids to impress

Braids are a fantastic option to keep your hair under control, eliminating flyaways while looking absolutely gorgeous. If you already have a braided style in your regular hairstyle routine, try pulling all the braids up to your crown and loosely twisting them into a bun. You’ll need some hairpins to secure the ends, and the overall effect should be a twisted masterpiece of braids. For shorter to medium-length hair that may not want to stay all together, start with a high ponytail, then twist and secure sections of braids at a time.

You can also incorporate braids into other styles to add just the right amount of fun to your fancy hairstyle. Braid sections of hair straight back into a low ponytail, leaving loose strands near the face to accent. Then wrap a portion of the ponytail around your elastic for extra glam. If your hair tends to get frizzy, start with our FS Style Prep 10 to keep it under control, or if your hair is on the thinner or finer side, our FS Styling Mousse can help hold your braided style in place for your festivities.

Vintage waves

Another great way to get fancy with your hairstyle is with vintage waves. Channel your inner flapper with large curls made by your favorite heat styling tools or choose the old-school method using hairpins. We recommend seeking the help of a trained professional at your local FS salon for best results!

Pair your vintage waves with a minimalist headband worn straight across the forehead, or pin one side down smooth while the other shows off its voluminous waves. Make sure to complete your style and add staying power with our FS Finishing Spray.

Sparkle and shine

During the winter months, you might see ice and snow, along with sparkling lights and crystal baubles. Add some of that sparkle to your hairstyle with the help of an embellished accessory. What may appear to be a crystal bridal accessory could easily double as a winter one—there are no rules when it comes to adding sparkling embellishments to your fancy hairstyle. Think outside of the season and you may be pleasantly surprised with your new favorite accessory.

Low pony, loose waves

If you’re short on styling time, can’t make it to the salon or don’t have the energy to create an elaborate hairstyle, you can still enjoy a bit of fancy. Start with a center part, add some loose waves to your hair with a curling wand or flat iron, making sure to keep a few face-framing waves out, then secure your hair back into a low ponytail. Top it off with a festive bow or scarf scrunchie and you’re ready to go!


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