Fantastic Men's Hair Care Tips

Men’s hair needs love too

Hair care applies across all genders, and while some men may have a quicker routine than others, hair health is just as important for men as it is for women. To keep hair looking great, you need to give tresses some love and attention, whether your locks flow down past your shoulders or are closely cropped by a buzz cut. Read on for some men’s hair care tips to keep your style looking great both in and out of your stylist’s chair.

Skip the shampoo

Regardless of how long your hair is, shampooing every day isn’t a good idea for the health of your hair. Too much washing can strip your hair of the essential oils it needs. Even if you rock a crew cut, over-shampooing can lead to a dry, irritated scalp. Everyone’s hair texture is different, but a good rule of thumb for anyone is only washing your hair three to four times per week.

It’s also a good idea to take note of the kind of shampoo that you use. You always want to choose a brand without harsh chemicals or sulfates that can damage your hair over time. Knowing the special care your particular kind of hair needs is also essential. For example, you’d want to use a hydrating shampoo for dry or textured hair but not if your strands are oily. Being familiar with what your locks need and using the right kind of shampoo can keep your style looking great with very little maintenance.

Know the right products for you

Texture and thickness of hair can change as men age, with a receding hairline sometimes starting as early as their thirties. Matte products such as pastes can make hair appear thicker and more manageable to style. With any product, less is much more. It only takes a little to achieve the look you want and a heavy hand can make your style look flat and greasy.

A prestyling product can be essential in creating a great end result.  Mousses or sea salt sprays can create volume and prep hair for whatever style you’d like and help hold it for longer.

Scrubbing your scalp regularly and applying any sunscreen to bald spots when exposed to the elements can go a long way to keeping hair healthy at the root.

Whatever your style, style often

All lengths, styles and textures of hair do well with regular maintenance. Even if your locks are long, regular trims keep your look fresh and new and clean up your look. If regular cuts don’t fit into your schedule or lifestyle, your FS Stylist can suggest new products to make your routine that much easier or recommend styles with longer lead times between stints in your stylist’s chair.

You may just want to wash and go, and you still can. To keep your style looking great, a tiny change to your hair routine can go a long way in getting the look you want and the confidence it gives you. Speak to your FS Stylist about what you’re looking for in a haircut or style, and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.


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