Five Top Hair Care Tips for Summer

Summer is when we all get to exhale. Lazy days, gauzy sundresses, and for some, being able to wash and go with minimal hair maintenance. But while we can take a more relaxed approach to this change in season, we need to protect our hair and not cause any unintentional damage before the summer sun fades and the leaves change. Read on to find out how to take your hair through the fun of summer without taking away its shine for fall.

Rule one: Condition, condition, condition

Your hair is just as thirsty as you are in the heat. Yes, the humidity and sweat may cause your tresses to feel damp at times, but that makes it even more important to keep your strands hydrated as those conditions can dry out your hair. Switch to a moisturizing shampoo or invest in a deep conditioning treatment the next time you see your FS Stylist. As wet as your hair may feel, it doesn’t mean it’s hydrated. Protect your hair by making sure it’s never parched by the summer sun.

Rule two: Skip the artificial heat

School isn’t the only thing that can get a break during the summer. Ditch the curling iron and blow dryer to let your tresses naturally dry in the warm air. You can still keep a great style while adding a little body with a sea salt spray to give your hair a natural wave. Easygoing is the theme of the season and why not let your hair style follow suit?

Rule three: Give your hair a soak before you take a dip

That cool water in the swimming pool is a true oasis on a hot day, but before you dive in, remember that the beautiful blue color that beckons you in can have damaging chemicals like chlorine that can strip your hair as you swim. Wet your hair to soak the strands, forming a barrier from damage before you head underwater. Better yet, apply some leave-in conditioner beforehand to give your locks an extra layer of protection.

Rule four: Wash less often

It seems counterintuitive. You sweat more, so why would you want to shampoo less?  As we mentioned earlier, your hair needs moisture, and washing too often will strip away the necessary, natural oils to keep your hair from drying out. You can opt for ponytails or buns to keep the loose tresses off your neck, minimizing exposure to the heat and sweat of your skin to prolong the need to suds up. Everyone’s hair is different, and you may have to wash more often depending on how oily your hair and scalp are naturally, but you may find that you can bridge the gap between washings with some dry shampoo or creative styling.

Rule five: Take care of your hair now for healthy locks all year long

Enjoy the days of easy maintenance and hair care while still protecting your style for the seasons to come.

Experiment with ways to style your hair after you air dry, throw it into a casual updo with a scarf or accessorize with a hat. If you keep in mind that carefree doesn’t mean careless, you can enjoy the heat of the summer as well as healthy hair.

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