Hair Care For Men: How to Keep Hair Looking Fantastic

Good hair health is important to everyone

Keeping a healthy head of hair is important to everyone. Whether you prefer a buzz cut, long locks or something in between, you want to look good. We all know that good style comes from the effort you put into it. There are ways to improve the health and quality of your hair from home, starting with how you wash and dry it. Believe it or not, you can work on your hair issues way before you sit in your stylist’s chair.

Read on for ways to get better hair, right now.

Don’t dry out your style

One of the best ways to keep the moisture in your hair is to not wash it too often. Most people can go a couple of days or more without sudsing up their locks with the aid of dry shampoo to absorb the extra oil that can make your hair appear greasy or dirty. Adding conditioner after you wash can also help the health of your hair.  Some men have naturally oily hair and may have to wash more often, but most can skip a day or two and help the health of their hair while saving on time.

Prevent damage to wet hair with a pat

In our busy lifestyles, we’ve been conditioned to dry and go as quickly as possible. When you wash or wet your hair, rubbing it dry with a towel will only make it more susceptable to breakage. Wet locks are weak and delicate and require gentle care, even if your inclination is to rush. Patting it dry is a much better way to prevent damage. Use your towel with a light hand and go in the direction of your hair growth for a smoother, better-looking result when it’s dry. After drying gently with the towel, use a wide tooth comb to avoid pulling out strands of your hair in an effort to resolve a tangle or two.

Keep up with the cuts

Nothing screams unhealthy louder than noticeable breakage for men with longer hair. The best way to keep up with any look and make your hair be its healthiest is to schedule regular haircuts. Split ends and long periods between visits can make the best styles and healthiest tresses appear unkept. When you choose a cut, keep in mind the kind of maintenance that you’re signing up for. Shorter styles require more visits to the salon, but to maintain the health of any style, you’ll need to freshen up the ends on at least a semi-regular basis.

Go Natural

Usually women tend to use heat and other chemicals to alter their hair more often than men, and any kind of processing can do damage if overused. Consider working with the texture of your hair instead of trying to change it.  To keep your hair its healthiest, limit heat styling and other potentially harsh treatments. Not only could over-processing strip your hair of shine and make it appear dull and brittle, overuse has the potential to cause unnnecessary breakage. Many times, going natural is the healthiest route to keep your hair looking fantastic.

It’s up to you

No matter what style or texture of hair you have, its health is ultimately up to you. Investing your time in regular salon visits will keep your hair looking its best. Speak to your stylist about products that will prevent damage and maintain healthy looking hair. They can recommend a series of products and treatments to improve the health of your hair at home, as well as make maintenance easier on your next visit.


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