Hair Tips for the Gym and Beyond

Having a regular workout schedule doesn’t mean you can’t also have fantastic looking hair all the time—you must simply know how to style and care for it between your exercise routine and the rest of your busy schedule. Sometimes a great gym session causes a lot of sweat, wreaking havoc on your hairstyle and possibly your plans afterward, but don’t worry, we’re here with some hairstyle ideas for the gym and a few fantastic hair tips to keep your hair looking great after you exercise.

First, learn more about how sweat affects your hair and why you should care.

How does sweat affect your hair?

When you work out, burning calories is a key objective—which typically brings on the sweat. Sweat can not only soak your hair and flatten out your hairstyle, but it can also cause frizz and even potential damage.

Sweating helps get rid of toxins in your body and cools you down when you’re exercising. Sweat has a high salt content, and if it sits too long in your hair, the salinity can potentially cause dryness in your scalp and hair, making it prone to breakage, just like the saltwater at the beach can.

Sweat can also clog your hair follicles which could harbor fungus and bacteria, possibly leading to inflammation or folliculitis and affecting hair growth.

Hairstyles for the gym

There’s no reason to give up your workout routine simply for the sake of your hair. Try some of these gym hairstyle ideas to minimize damage and keep it looking fantastic both for the gym and afterward.

·       Loose, low ponytail or bun. Instead of a tightly pulled back ponytail which can cause breakage, a looser gym hairstyle is gentler and will be easier to brush or style after the gym.

·       Braids for the win. Braids are a great way to secure your hair and keep it out of your face during an intense sweat session. They also look gorgeous and are easily customizable based on your hair’s length and texture, plus your individual style.

·       Switch it up. It’s okay if you love having your hair tied tightly back for spinning or need a sleek topknot for pilates. But styling your hair in exactly the same way for every workout session could ultimately lead to damage, especially if you’re sweating. Try a ponytail or bun in a different place on your head (higher, lower, to one side) to minimize the potential damage or breakage.

·       Bubble ponytails. They’re a super cute way to wear a ponytail hairstyle, and they keep long hair free of tangles while you’re working on your health and fitness goals.

Fantastic hair tips for the gym and beyond

Whether you’re heading home after your workout or have other things to do, you don’t have to look like you just left the gym. Consider the following hair tips for during your exercise and afterward.

·       Minimize the amount of sweat in your hair. Wear a headband made of cotton or other absorbent fabric to wick away the sweat before it has a chance to soak into your hair and scalp.

·       Brush your hair after exercising. To help avoid sweat drying on the scalp, brush your hair after your workout to stimulate the scalp and eliminate the chance of clogged hair follicles and potential flakes from dried sweat. Plus, the natural oils produced by your scalp will get distributed throughout the hair shaft and give your thirsty locks some hydration.

·       Prepare with a leave-in conditioner. Just as you’d prepare your hair before submerging it at the pool or beach, spray a leave-in conditioner throughout your hair before your workout session to create a barrier between the hair and future sweat. You’ll add moisture and prevent sweat from drying out your tresses.

·       Don’t shampoo every day. Even if you’re sweating it out daily at the gym, you should still shampoo every 2-3 days. Too much washing or washing every day can eliminate your hair’s natural oils that keep it shiny and looking fantastic.

·       Rinse and condition. You’re probably still showering after each workout, so take that opportunity to rinse your hair with plain water and apply conditioner from the middle of the hair down to the ends, to keep it moisturized. Your hair typically doesn’t need conditioner at the roots, and especially not when you’re just rinsing without using shampoo.

It may take a little trial-and-error to find the best gym hairstyle and hair tips that work for you, but don’t be afraid to try something new. You can also ask your favorite FS Stylist for recommendations and additional hair care tips for your hair length, texture and styling preferences.

Exercise is important for your mind and body, and your hair can certainly look great during your workout and beyond the gym. Have fun with it!


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