The Modern Mullet and Other Unique Men's Hairstyles

When you think of a mullet hairstyle, the first thing that comes to mind might be an old-school country singer or a flashy wrestler personality, and that might be pretty accurate for the traditional version of the mullet. But since early 2020, the mullet has been making a comeback in the form of the “modern mullet.” We are here for the updated version, which can actually be a trendy, fashionable hair statement.

Read on for more about the modern mullet and a few other unique men’s hairstyles that you can incorporate into your own personal style—with the help of a professional FS stylist.

The mullet’s many versions

The traditional mullet has a short to semi-short length of hair on top, that flows into a medium-to-longer length in the back. The sides are typically shaved or cut shorter to accentuate the multiple lengths from top to back.

To modernize the mullet, you have several cut and styling options. To keep it more polished and professional, taper the length at the back or have your stylist go with a soft blunt cut at the bottom to minimize flyaways and unruly strays. You could also grow the top and sides a little longer and style with a side part. Or, slick back with the help of a styling product like our FS Grooming Crème or Hard Wax depending on the natural texture of your hair and the type of hold you desire.

Alternatively, opt for a skin fade or artistic razoring on the sides or around the ears to step up your mullet style and make a stylish, bold statement.

If regular visits to the salon aren’t necessarily your thing, choose a longer mullet style which allows your hair to grow a little longer and still be fashionable. Longer-length modern mullets work great with wavy or curly hair. If you decide to grow out the length a bit, keep your hair looking its best with our Refresh Shampoo for scalp dryness or the 2-in-1 Shampoo with Conditioner for an all-in-one solution that adds strength and shine.

If not a mullet, then what?

Maybe you’re not sold on the modern mullet just yet (we’ll wait!), but still want a unique look. Try a variation of the classic mohawk style, or faux-hawk. Typically shorter in length on top, this style still has all the features—shaved sides, spiked down the center—but toned down and faded down the back. The faux-hawk style looks great on all hair types and can give your look that extra personality boost you’ve been seeking.

Do you have naturally curly hair but have always kept it short? Now may be the time to embrace the curl on top while keeping the sides super short. Your stylist can recommend the best way to grow out your curls while keeping the sides faded or undercut.

Are you ready for a bold hairstyle choice? Step out of your comfort zone and into your local Fantastic Sams. We’re here to help.


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