New Year, New Hair Color

New year, new hair color? We totally agree! We’re here with some hair color inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

You may be the type to change your hair color or hairstyle regularly, or perhaps you’ve rocked the same color for the last year while being stuck at home. Whatever the case, we hope to inspire you to take a step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, whether it’s a slight hair color change or a completely new hair color.

Read on for some beautiful new hair colors to try in 2021, and see your favorite Fantastic Sams stylist to help make your hair color dreams a gorgeous reality in this new year.

Bold new color

Take a bold step into the world of bright color. Not only will it refresh your look for the new year, it may even brighten your mood, improve your outlook and give you that boost of confidence you didn’t even know you needed.

Bright hues like grass green, royal blue, brilliant red and pink are some of our favorites. Go for an all-over solid color, or combine a few bold shades to create a truly unique look.

Combine pink and orange or blue and green, or choose your own favorite colors for your new hair color masterpiece. Your stylist can help suggest coordinating colors and techniques that work best for your hair type, base color and maintenance routine.

If you’re starting with a darker brown or black base, we absolutely recommend blending in a deep, jewel-toned color like emerald green, sapphire blue or amethyst purple, whether it’s just a few strategically-placed strands or a full-on ombre masterpiece.

Subtle pops of color

Maybe you’re not ready to jump in the deep end of the hair color pool, and want to start off slower. Test the waters first, with more subtle pops of color that you can either show off or tuck away based on your mood.

Pale pink or another pastel shade can be a great first step in adding some non-traditional color to your hair. These lighter shades work great with blonde or lighter brown hair as they are easier to blend and don’t contrast completely. They can also be great on darker hair for a bolder, more dynamic look.

Start with face-framing pieces, which can range in thickness from super-thin to chunky sections based on your comfort level with the new color combination. If you want to have the option of tucking the colored strands back behind your ears, talk to your stylist about your vision and they can strategically apply the color based on what you have in mind.

Another one of our favorite ways to add subtle color is to have it applied to the underside of your hair. On the surface, your hair could be a traditional blonde, brown, black or red, but underneath, a beautiful array of bright color. Choose one shade or multiple to really show off your personality, and pair it with a new hairstyle. You might even need to brush up on your routine and try new styling options to reveal your stylist’s talent.

Blondes and brunettes

While blonde and brunette hair are both pretty common hair color shades, you can combine variations of each to make a completely new-to-you transformation. Add subtle golden buttery blonde balayage to medium brown, or try something different with a few “money piece” highlights in the front to test out new colors before committing to an all-over application of highlights, lowlights or something in-between.

Try a completely different all-over color look by brightening up your blonde or brown shade. Choose a shade (or two) lighter with your stylist’s help, and watch your mood and optimism improve along with the color of your hair! It can be surprising just how much a hair color touch up can change your outlook, and it may be exactly what you need to embrace 2021.

Go lighter or darker, add subtle color or opt for a bold new shade! Your stylist will even be able to help recommend the best shade for you, if you’re still unsure. We understand, there are so many options for you to choose!

Have fun with your new hair color adventure!


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