Pixie, Bixie or Bob Hairstyle - Which One Should I Choose?

The boldness and risk of a pixie cut

When someone is seeking a big change or refresh in their lives, they often start with the hair on their head. This is the time they’ll try a bold color or style just for something different, but other individuals also opt for cutting off all their hair. The pixie has been a style that’s transcended from generation to generation with many versions in between. It’s a brave cut, but there are in-between variations you can try before telling your stylist to just chop it all off.

Read on to learn about pixie hairstyles, “bixies” and everything in between.

Cute and convenient

Getting a true pixie haircut is a bold hairstyle choice that you shouldn’t take lightly. If you’re unhappy for any reason, keep in mind this is a short hairstyle you’ll have to live with for a while until it grows out. That being said, a pixie haircut can be the best kind of game-changer. If your hair is straight and thin, you can tell your stylist to give you a layered pixie that minimizes styling time. You can ask for a little fringe or part to the side, keeping one side longer. If your hair is curly, ask your stylist which products you should add to your now shortened hair routine to keep your pixie looking great.

What is a “bixie”

It may sound new, but bixies have been around for longer than you may think. Back in the 90s, celebrities like Meg Ryan and Victoria Beckham rocked closely cropped longer locks but it faded out over the years. This hairstyle is part pixie, part bob. If you want a bigger change than simply a bob but aren’t ready for pixie territory yet, this adorable cut may be your perfect solution. There are many different versions of a bixie, and while your stylist will know what you’re referring to if you ask for one, your best bet is to show them a photo of what you had in mind. They can also tell you how to create the style that suits your hair type and intended daily maintenance. 

The classic yet timeless bob

The bob is one hairstyle that is always trending because it’s so versatile and for those looking to shorten a long hairstyle, this option has the least risk since it’s not too radically different from their current style and can be outgrown in a reasonable amount of time. Like the pixie and the bixie, bobs come in many variations and lengths. The blunt bob, also reminiscent of the 90s, is hot right now, but if your hair is thin, you may want to try a layered bob for more volume.

Whether you go bob, pixie, bixie or somewhere in between, your FS stylist is your go-to professional for bridging the gap between the hairstyle you crave and what is best for your hair type. Sometimes the risk to go bold and short is very much worth taking!


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