Pool Hair Care for Kids

A summer without a pool isn’t a summer you want to think about, especially for kids who have been dying to ditch the books for a dip into the pool on those long hot days. But what happens to hair when it’s soaking in chemicals until Labor Day? A good amount of damage can occur if you don’t take a few precautions first. You wouldn’t forget your sunscreen, and shouldn’t forget these tips on how to keep your child’s tresses healthy all season long.

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Soak the hair before you soak in the pool

It’s a simple yet effective first line of defense for preventing damage. Wet your child’s hair before they actually get into the water. Their locks will soak up the water rather than the chlorine and prevent damage from the chemicals. If you can, rinse their hair with non-chlorinated water as soon as they come out of the pool. Having the least amount of chemicals on the kiddos’ tresses for the shortest amount of time is the best way to stop them from seeping in.

A good way to seal in some additional protection before taking a swim is to add leave-in conditioner. Spray on a tiny amount and work it through your child’s hair to form a barrier against the chlorine and other chemicals. It washes out easily and can even help prevent blonde hair from turning green. Coconut oil can also be a good alternative to coating hair to block out any irritants or potential damage to their hair.

Put it up before diving in 

Swimming with hair loose and down can create gnarly tangles and knots. Wet hair is weak hair, and after wading in chemically treated water, locks are even more vulnerable. It’s always best to keep hair pulled back and secure before going into a pool. Trying to comb out any snags in wet or damp hair can cause significant breakage, especially if your child has wavy or textured hair. Make sure they have a protective hairstyle before stepping into the water and always secure long hair back with braids, a bun or high ponytail to keep it neat and tangle free.

Post-swim wash

After coming out of the pool, the last thing you want to do is to let any chlorine sink in. When they’re done swimming for the day, you should wash your child’s hair as soon as possible to rid the chemicals from their hair. If your child swims often, keep their hair moisturized and looking great with our FS Moisturizing Shampoo. Talk to your stylist to find other product recommendations that would be good for your child’s hair type.

Make the best of summer while keeping your child’s hair at its best

With some planning ahead and a little ongoing maintenance, your child’s hair will stay healthy all summer long. There’s no need to limit their pool time, just incorporate a little TLC pre-and-post-swim to keep it as strong and vibrant as the summer sun.


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