Simplify Your Routine with These Three Girls Hairstyles (and Great Haircare Tips)

Nice and easy wins the race

When choosing a new hairstyle for ourselves, a few of the main questions we ask are, “Can I maintain this look with my current lifestyle? Do I have time to keep it looking great? Other than the days I rise out of my stylist’s chair, will this look become too complicated for upkeep?”

When it comes to your child’s hair, of course you want to keep it healthy and looking great, but convenience is key as they rush off to school each morning or head to practice. Read on for some tips on how to help get your child to school on time and not have to sacrifice style to keep their hair looking great.

Know the when and how to clean

Each child is different, and that includes their hair type. Whether your little one has curls, pin-straight locks, an oily scalp or dry tresses, you need to tailor their shampoo regimen according to their needs and activity level. If they have oily hair or are in regular activities that make them sweat more often, they should shampoo their hair once per day or every other day.

Straight or dry hair doesn’t need to be washed daily, and some types of curly hair can be shampooed less frequently at once or twice per week.

Choose shampoos and products that work with your child’s locks, such as a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair or a lightweight one for thin or fine hair. Working against your child’s hair type and texture may create a difficult daily styling routine. Talk to your favorite FS stylist about products that would work well with your child’s hair type and desired maintenance routine.

Style 1) Braid on the go

For a clean, neat hairstyle on the go, braids are popular for good reason. From simple to intricate, a braid can hold up through a long school day or tough afternoon practice. You can let a long braid cascade down one shoulder or twist it up into a bun. The most complicated looking twists can be surprisingly manageable. Chat with your stylist about tricks they may know in creating a stylish-but-quick braid.

Style 2) Not all ponytails are created equal

The ponytail has been the go-to style for generations, for people of all ages. But there are ways that you can spruce it up without losing time. Colorful clips and holders can add style to a simple pony, or you can create your own version of pigtails or bubble ponytails. One thing to watch when tying your child’s hair back: don’t damage locks by tying elastics too tight or cause breakage by yanking them out too forcefully.

Style 3) A bob style

If you have your FS stylist cut your child’s hair into a shorter bob style, you can make your mornings so much easier. A cute, blunt cut all around, or layered, with bangs or without, can require very little daily maintenance. Talk to your FS stylist about which type of haircut would be easiest to style each day. Discuss what fantastic products your child may need to keep the cut fresh until their next visit to the salon.

Easy hair starts in your stylist’s chair

Talk to your child about what kind of haircut and style they want, and how realistic it may be to maintain. Some may want short hair, but get frustrated when they can’t put it back into a ponytail. Can they fit regular hair cuts into their busy schedule and can they manage the style on their own? These are all questions you can ask on your next visit to ensure you can keep your child’s hair looking great with little hassle.


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