Spring Hair Colors to Brighten Up the Season

Spring is upon us, and what better reason to try a new hair color or brighten up your tried-and-true shade? This time of year, the flowers begin to bloom and everything gets more colorful. The sun starts to shine a little more, and the dreary days of winter are mostly behind us. So why not celebrate the new season by brightening up your hair color as well?

With so many hair color shades to choose from and countless ways to customize your unique look, there’s absolutely no reason not to try something new. After visiting your favorite FS stylist, your hair will look great and you’ll certainly feel better too.

Trade the winter ‘blahs’ for springtime ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ by considering one of the following spring hair colors.

Pastel pink

Pastel shades are perfect for spring, and pink is no exception. Maybe you’ve never considered pink hair or perhaps you’ve tried pink hues in some capacity. Pastel pink is a soft shade that’s not too bright, and can be as subtle as you’d like. Opt for all-over color or talk with your FS stylist about how to incorporate pastel pink into your current color in a more subdued way, like adding balayage throughout your hair or simply some face-framing pastel pieces.

If you’re starting at a medium brown shade or anything darker, your FS stylist will likely need to bleach the hair first to strip the color before applying the pastel shade. After all, you will want to have a blank canvas for that beautiful new color. And if you have a specific shade or application request in mind, make sure to bring example photos with you to the salon, as it’s always helpful in making your hair color dreams become a reality.

Vibrant violet

Do you want to try a new spring hair color that’s a little more vibrant? A dazzling bright purplish violet shade will do the trick! Reminiscent of spring and summer flowers and guaranteed to turn heads and garner compliments, vibrant violet is not for the faint of heart. You know the phrase, “go big or go home?” We prefer the edited version, “go vibrant or go home!”

Top off your violet shade with bright pink tips for a bigger wow factor. Nothing is more exciting than a vibrant color transformation…we are here for it, and for you!

Bright orange

Bright orange hair color is certain to brighten up your season. Similar to burnt orange hues that you might see in fall (à la pumpkin spice), this shade is brighter and will challenge the beauty of even the best summer sunsets. If you’ve already tried shades of red, switching to bright orange may not be as much of a change, but it’s likely that this will be the boldest hair color you’ve had in years! We love bright colors for spring, and orange is no exception.

Icy blue


Somewhere between pastel and neon blue, this icy shade is sure to improve your mood and make a statement. As with other bright hair colors, it may take extra time and multiple steps for your FS stylist to achieve the brightness you’re seeking, but the gorgeous results will be worth it!

Hot pink

As much as we love bright, bold colors all year round, hot pink is definitely a favorite for springtime. A pop of bright color is a sure way to welcome the new season. Maybe you like the pastel pink idea but are thinking that’s just not enough to break out of the cooler weather blues.  Hot pink may be just the color to spice up your springtime selfies and get a whole new outlook on life.

Subtle changes can make a big difference

If you’ve typically chosen more traditional hair colors like blonde, brunette or a more subtle shade of red, it may be a huge decision to transform your hair to a bolder, brighter shade for spring. If so, speak to your FS stylist and they’ll be able to recommend small hair color changes that can brighten up your hair without going all-in. Dip your toe in the hair color pool, and once you realize you love it, dive right in and embrace one of these bright spring hair colors.


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