Styling Basics Every Woman Should Know

It’s a safe bet that in your hairstyling arsenal, you own either a flat iron, curling iron, curling wand or all of the above. Whether you utilize any of them in your daily routine, or at all, is the bigger question. Maybe you’re short on time or perhaps a little intimidated to bring any other heat to your hair than a trusty blow dryer. Read on for how to create beautiful styles from sleek, straight locks to cascading waves. We have surprisingly quick and easy methods that may not even require heat—regardless of the length and texture of your hair.

More than just a straightener

Most consider the flat iron to be the go-to for straight, sleek locks. Before you pick up this popular tool, make sure to mist your hair with a heat protecting spray like our FS Keratin Thermal Protection Spray. You want to bring out the silky shine, not singe and damage. If a straight style is your goal, you need a steady hand. A jerky motion could create unwanted dents or crimps in your hair—the opposite of a silky, straight look.

You can also curl the ends of your hair under to give a little more dimension. Simply turn the flat iron toward you at the ends, being careful not to burn the skin on your neck or ear. This also works on shorter styles, turning the iron under or to the side to highlight a few pieces around your face or near your crown.

It may surprise you to think of a flat iron as an easy way to curl your hair, but that’s how some of our favorite wavy styles are created. Turn down the heat a bit and wind your hair around the flat iron, gently letting it go after a couple of seconds, for fantastic, loose waves.

More than one way to curl

If you’ve never been friends with your curling iron, you’re not alone. Sometimes overuse, damp or damaged hair and overall hair texture can prevent your locks from holding that perfect curl.

Always start with completely dry hair and a heat protecting product to avoid any damage. Depending on the health of your hair, it may be wise to use a restorative Keratin Shampoo and avoid heat styling tools completely until it improves because it may not hold a curl no matter what tool you use. To limit damage and/or breakage, limit any use of heat and don’t use the hottest setting on your tools.

Get the right curling iron for the type of curl that you want. A larger barrel will give you bigger, loose waves while a smaller size will create tighter curls.

A curling wand doesn’t have a clamp to hold the hair and a delicate hand is needed to wrap your strands around the base; however, a wand will heat up quicker and give your curls a more natural look. If you can master it, a wand is a quick and easy way to help you create beautiful hair.

Style as you sleep

If you want to improve the health of your hair and wake up to a head full of beachy waves, try sleeping in a bun or two braids. Not only can you enjoy loose waves without the hassle of using heat, but putting your hair up at night prevents breakage and helps distribute the natural oil from your scalp. You can twirl your hair into more than one bun or twist two braids together. Experiment with what techniques work best for the style you want, and don’t be afraid to try new styles altogether.

Dare to dream of beautiful hair

We’re an advocate of trying new hair styles, hair colors and experimenting with different hair tools and products. You just might be surprised at what you can accomplish and how little effort it may take. Ask your stylist for tips on your next visit for how to get the beachy waves you crave all year long, or that sleek, straight look to change up your routine.


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