Three Ways to Change Your Hair for Fall

When the leaves start falling and the wind turns cooler, you might find yourself dreaming of cozy sweaters and scarves, fall boots or wrapping up in a fuzzy blanket to hibernate for the chillier weather. While the weather may dictate some of these necessities—it’s also called cozy season, after all—don’t forget about your hair. Fall is a wonderful time to consider making a change in your hair, whether it’s a new fall hairstyle, a different haircut or a hair color update.

There are plenty of ways to change your hair for fall. Read on to learn some of our favorites, then visit your local Fantastic Sams Cut & Color to make your vision come to life this season.

1.     Consider the big chop

After keeping your hair out of your face and off your neck during the heat of summer, along with likely being exposed to hair-damaging pool chemicals, salt water and UV rays, your locks could use some TLC. While you should definitely get your hair trimmed when summer comes to an end, we recommend considering a more drastic haircut—what we like to call the “big chop.”

Among the many reasons to cut your long tresses into a pixie cut or lessen your hair’s length by a few inches, you will be able to refresh your look and have entirely new, shorter fall hairstyles to try. Getting an all-new haircut also gives you a fantastic reason to try a new styling product or a different hair tool, not to mention a little confidence boost.

2.     Fall colors aren’t just for nature

Take some inspiration from the changing colors of the season to find the perfect new fall hair color. Leaves are famous for showing off their orange, red, yellow and brown shades this time of year, and you can as well. Talk to your FS Stylist about which fall-inspired color would work best and have fun with it. Their creativity and talent paired with your hair vision is sure to result in a fantastic outcome. After all, even with hair colors like blonde, red or brunette, there are endless variations to make them completely you.

If you’re looking for hair color that’s perhaps a little different than those found in nature, don’t worry! We love to push the boundaries of bold color. Whether it’s a fiery red, vibrant violet or deep sapphire, we’ll help you find a new hair color for the season of change.

3.     Hairstyle inspiration all around

Just because you’ve had the same hairstyle for years doesn’t mean you can’t have a different look occasionally. Perhaps you’ve tried other haircuts and hair lengths, and just found a hair color shade you’re willing to commit to for a while—that’s great! But sometimes it’s nice to make a change, especially when this time of year comes around.

Instead of changing your cut or color, try a new approach to styling. Hair accessories work wonders for you—a sparkly hair pin, a velvety headband or a super cute hat can all add flair to your fall look without making a drastic change at the salon.

Sometimes it can be as easy as adjusting your ponytail to a different height or switching the side of your hair part, but you can also try other styles like updos, twists, braided styles and many more. Get creative, and as always, you can find more fall hairstyle inspiration on the Fantastic Sams blog and social media pages.


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