Time to Choose Your Spring Hair Color

Spring forward with color

After stuffing your locks into a hat to shield them from the dark and cold days of winter, you may be itching for something new. One of the best ways to revitalize the look of your locks this spring is with a change in hue. You can go subtle or bold or meet in the middle to find that perfect spring hair color to complement your style.

Read on for ways to brighten your color—and your overall look—for this new season.

Red hot color

Red has always been in style regardless of season, and saw a lift in popularity during quarantine. While darker auburn hues are sometimes more of a fall color, bright reds are a stunning way to give your hair a spring lift. You can ease into red shades by asking your stylist for more copper tones or wine colored streaks before going full-on red, or go brave and bold with a fire engine red or eye-catching neon shade. Depending on how much red you’d like to add and how you envision your final look, talk to your stylist about what works best for you.

Golden hues

Blonde streaks and warmer temperatures seem to go hand in hand. In the springtime, caramel and bronze colors trend until the summer sun coaxes out the brighter blondes.  If you just want to lighten up without making an all-over color commitment, highlights are always a great option. You can ask for ombre highlights, where your stylist will add color to the ends rather than the root. Or try balayage, small painted pieces of color to provide natural-looking dimension and texture to your hairstyle. The best thing about these techniques is they can be easily dialed up or down according to the kind of update you’re looking for and how much maintenance you’re willing to keep up with.

Face framing streaks are trending as well, giving you that addition of color without requiring too much time in your stylist’s chair. There are many options to choose from, and your stylist will be happy to suggest what would work best for you and create a look of your own.

Pretty pastels

Pale and bright pinks, blues and purples aren’t only for Easter eggs. This spring, you’ll see hair in all the colors of the rainbow. You can go all-in and dye all your locks in a daring hue, or create highlights in bright colors, getting that same bold look without the full head commitment. 

Different colors can be fun to experiment with, but depending on your natural hair color, it may be more challenging to reach the shade you have in mind. For example, a light blue hue can be beautiful, but if you’re starting with dark brown or black shades, it may require more processing time and maintenance to reach your hair color goal. However, some shades may not require as much prep time at the salon. Don’t rule anything out until you speak to your stylist. They will tell you the best way to achieve fantastic results no matter what color you may choose, as well as recommend styling products that will help care for your hair and keep it looking gorgeous.

Go bold this spring

After being stuck inside so long, don’t be afraid to ask for the spring hair color update you’ve been craving these winter months.  A burst of color may be just what you need for a style refresh in preparation for the long-awaited longer and warmer days ahead. From subtle to bold or pink to caramel, your stylist can match you with your perfect spring look.


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