Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Fantastic All Summer Long

As soon as the summer sun comes out to play in the hot months of June through August, it’s second nature to slather on sunscreen to keep our skin from drying out and burning. What many of us forget is that while our exposed skin definitely needs all that extra protection, our hair does, too. But, it is often neglected with strands left to bake in the sun. Hair that is left unprotected from sun and chlorine can become dry and listless. The color that you worked so hard to perfect with your stylist can oxidize in the UV rays and fade much quicker than you’d like. The damage you may cause to your locks in the summer can linger long after your tan fades.

Keep your hair looking fantastic all summer long by following these tips, and without sacrificing your style.

Tip your hat to summer

It’s an obvious answer but the easiest way to shield your hair from damage is by covering it up. A large hat, scarf or headband can protect your locks and scalp from any UV damage while you’re catching rays on the sand or poolside. As an added bonus, hats with wide brims can safeguard your face from a painful sunburn and skin damage. Tucking your tresses into a swim cap will protect them from the harsh chlorine before you head underwater.

Protection is prevention

Just like you never set foot on the sand without sunscreen for your skin, you should never head to the beach without UV protection for your hair. Reapply often, even when it’s a cloudy day as the indirect rays could still cause enough damage to your locks the same way they can singe your skin. As an added bonus, UV creams and sprays also help protect your hair from chlorine. Make it a part of your routine to cover your hair along with your body.

Working in a leave-in conditioner with UV protectants and letting it soak into your hair all day is also a great defense against direct sunlight..

Protect from within

Deep conditioning hair masks and FS Moisturizing Shampoo are great ways to both fix current damage and protect the health of your hair to avoid any future stress to your locks. Oil treatments are also a great way to seal in moisture, but as always, use a light hand when you apply these types of products.

Enjoy the summer without sacrificing fall style

You can still enjoy every bit of summer without worrying what fun in the sun may do to your hair after the temperatures cool. Ask your stylist to recommend their favorite FS products that you can use to strengthen your hair and protect it against the sun and chemicals. As long as you take the right precautions, you can soak up as much sun as you’d like without worry.


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