Top Hair Trends Coming in 2023

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reassess and set goals in all categories of your life. What do you want to achieve personally, financially, and even aesthetically? If you’re considering adding a brand new look to your list of New Year’s resolutions, then you’re probably asking yourself — what are the hottest hair trends going to be in 2023?

Fantastic Sams is here to help! Read on for transformation inspiration that will have you ringing in your new year with a bold, fresh, and trendy hairstyle. This is our list for the top hair trends in 2023 that will have the industry buzzing.

Candlelit Brunette

Candlelit brunette hair color is a brunette base with soft golden highlights. This trend gives off natural, sun kissed vibes and is perfect for first time color clients. It’s considered to be flattering on all skin tones and has been seen recently on celebrities like Hailey Bieber. For blondes trying to achieve candlelit brunette, you can get this look by asking your stylist to add in lowlights at your next appointment.

If you’re wanting a natural-looking, low-maintenance color choice, this medium brunette shade is perfectly on trend and an excellent choice to freshen up your look in 2023.

The Mixie, Bixie, and Every Combination of the Two

A mixie is a mix between a mullet and a pixie haircut – short in the front and longer in the back. It’s a very 70s-inspired trend that we’re seeing more and more of. The bixie haircut is something between a bob and a pixie, which gives more of a 90s-vibe. These two short styles, and all sorts of variations of them, are popping up in salons everywhere. We don’t see any signs of this trend slowing down as we move into 2023!

Wispy Curtain Bangs and “Butterfly” Hair

You’ve probably noticed this silhouette framing the faces of more and more women on Instagram and everywhere else. The face-framing layers (also called butterfly hair) are a super flattering way to add movement and volume to your look. Long, wispy curtain bangs, or small sections of hair that frame either side of your face, are another way to get on-trend while spicing up your cut.

This haircut looks good on just about everyone so be sure to ask your Fantastic Sams hairstylist about it next time you’re in the salon!

All the Shades of Red: Wine, Maroon, Firetruck…The List Goes On

Red hair is having a moment. The red hair trend has recently exploded in communities everywhere and we expect to see it continue into 2023 in all of its glorious variations.

We’re seeing shades of deep merlot, bright firetruck, complex maroon, and so much more. Red hair is a great way to change things up for the new year. Ask your FS stylist about finding the right shade of red at your next appointment and be sure to bring in a photo of your goal-color for reference.


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We can’t wait to see all of these gorgeous top hair trends in 2023. Remember that our trained stylists are always here to help you find the right trend or look for your specific hair texture, face shape, and aesthetic goal. Visit your local Fantastic Sams to get your new year look!