Top Reasons to Make the Big Chop to Your Hair

Have you ever considered making the “big chop?” As initimidating as it sounds, it’s really nothing to fear—with the help of our great stylists, of course. Whether you are trimming off a few inches to clean up your medium-length hair into a chin-length bob, or going from super long locks to a pixie haircut, the big chop can be interpreted in many ways. But whatever style you’re thinking of, now may be just the right time to take the plunge and see your Fantastic Sams stylist for a major change.

Here are our top reasons to make the big chop.

Refresh your look

Perhaps you’ve had medium-to-long length hair for a while, letting it grow moreso than usual over the last year due to not getting out as much or simply a desire to see how long your locks can get.

Or, maybe you’ve been keeping up with your regular salon visits and hair trims as much as possible, but are gradually becoming bored with your tried-and-true haircut.

Possibly it’s not either case and you’re itching for a hairstyle change, but aren’t quite sure what you want, or if now is the right time. Any way you look at it, the big chop will most certainly refresh your look.

You’ll not only have a new, shorter style that you’ll be sneaking glances at every time you pass by a reflective surface, but you’ll also have a whole new set of hairstyling options to experiment with. Cutting your hair—whether to shoulder length or into a super-short crop—gives you a reason to try a new styling product, a different tool, new ways to wear it and will very likely put a huge smile on your face.

And what better way to celebrate that “you do you” attitude than with a new hairstyle? We are here to help make your hair dreams a reality.

Improve your confidence

Speaking of attitude, making the big chop when it comes to your beloved tresses does wonders for your self-confidence! Sure, at first you may be surprised and somewhat impressed with yourself that you took a leap and made it happen, but you will also love the increased confidence you’ll feel.

Cutting your hair can be liberating, and can even inspire you to make other positive changes in other parts of your life. There’s a well-known hair quote that says, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Whether you’re wanting to change your look, improve your confidence, change your life, or any combination of these, you can make it happen—and, a shorter hairstyle may play a role in that.

Support local talent

If you’ve been thinking about the big chop for a while, you may have some shorter hairstyle ideas in mind. Alternatively, this may be your first foray into thinking about it. Your local Fantastic Sams Cut & Color salon has the stylists and talent to make your vision become a gorgeous new reality. Each salon is independently owned and staffed by local stylists, so when you visit us, you’re supporting your local community.

When your friends, family and coworkers ask you about your super cute new hairstyle, you’ll be a walking billboard for your local stylist, and they’ll no doubt appreciate your support and referrals.

So, go get that blunt-cut bob or tousled lob, or go even shorter. We’ll see you in one of our stylists’ chairs soon!


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