Warmer Weather Haircuts for Boys

We’re well into springtime now and the weather is slowly getting warmer. The kiddos are likely already looking forward to summer break with its endless possibilities of pool days, family trips, sports, summer camps and more. After the cooler months where longer hair may have been your go-to hairstyle now it’s time to think about a refresh for warmer months.

Boys (or parents of boys) may need some great haircut ideas to spruce up their style for spring and get ready for all that summer has in store. Read on for a few fantastic haircuts for boys to try this year.

“Almost” pompadour

Although there are many different variations of the pompadour for both men and women, it’s typically defined as having a large volume of hair on top of the head, swept upward and back from the face. Depending on their hair type, volume and other considerations such as styling time, boys may choose to opt for a shorter hair length for their pompadour. Longer hair on the top may be more time-consuming to style perfectly into place, and combined with thinner or finer hair, may be more difficult to keep it styled through the day’s activities.

For this shorter-length pompadour style, the “almost” pompadour, the hair should be two-to-three inches long on top of the head. Style the hair upward and back away from the face, or even upward and to the side. You might need the help of a sculpting product like FS Grooming Crème or X-treme Gel to keep the hair in place.

The sides and back of the hair in this boys’ haircut can be faded slightly to a shorter length down to the hairline, low-faded or skin-faded, which means faded down to practically no hair at the hairline (hence the name, skin fade).

Boys with curly hair, wavy hair or thicker hair may not need to style their pompadour haircut as much, since those features help the hair stand on its own naturally. Using a styling product can help define and hold this hairstyle, but if he’s more comfortable without, that’s fine as well.

Low maintenance crew cut

A crew cut is by far one of the easiest haircuts for boys to maintain and style, and may be just the right choice when it comes to a busy summer. Typically cut anywhere between half an inch and two inches long, this is a short haircut that allows for just enough hair on top to style or add personality, unlike the super-short buzz cut. With a crew cut, the sides and back can be the same length as the top, faded to a shorter length or kept nonexistent depending on his style preference.

If he’s accustomed to styling his hair or would like to personalize the crew cut a bit more, ask your FS stylist to leave a little extra length at the front to style back, up or to the side.

Tousled trend

Medium to longer-length hairstyles are trendy nowadays, with a lot of boys opting for locks longer than two or three inches. Made popular by pop culture, these longer, tousled styles can take a variety of shapes. Boys with curly or wavy hair may simply need the right haircut or touch-up from their FS stylist, keeping the top and sides at just the right length to not look overgrown and unkempt.

For straight or fine hair, it may be a little more difficult to achieve the tousled look, but it’s important to start with the right haircut. Let your FS stylist know your hairstyle vision, and they will be able to give you tips and product recommendations to maintain the look at home and on-the-go. Likely, you’ll need a volumizing or texturizing product and will use your fingers to get the messy, tousled look just right.


Similar to a mohawk hairstyle, the faux-hawk has the same idea but without the commitment. The faux-hawk is versatile in that many of the boys haircuts and styles mentioned here can be transformed into a faux-hawk with a little determination and the help of your favorite FS styling products.

Boys ready for something different in their haircut or wanting to show off their fun or edgy personality through their hair should most certainly try the faux-hawk. Basically, the center section of hair from the forehead to the crown is a little longer than the rest of the hair, so that it can be styled straight up or with a bit of a messy touch. The sides and back can be faded or tapered down to the hairline as with other styles, and if there happens to be an occasion in which he wants to style it differently, it’s versatile enough to allow for that.


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