Which FS Product is Right for You?

This summer, Fantastic Sams is excited to launch their own exclusive line of haircare products! These products address a variety of hair concerns using sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and pH balanced ingredients that are safe for colored hair.

The star players of the new line will be the dynamic shampoo & conditioner duos made to meet your hair’s range of needs. Here’s how to know which shampoo and conditioner pair is the best choice for you.


1. Dry Hair, Craving Moisture?

If the summer heat is leaving your locks feeling brittle and weak, the Moisture Lock line has what you need! Made to replenish and restore your hair so it can fight against dryness and damaging chemicals. Give dry hair the moisture it’s craving and lock it in, with Moisture Lock!

2. Color Looking Dull?

The Color Vibrance line and Stay Bright duo for blondes are products made to bring out the best in your chemically treated hair while giving it the protection it needs. Restore your color’s vibrant shine and increase smoothness with these products made for treated hair.

3. Hair Falling Flat?

Thin, fine, or flat hair — the Volume Boost shampoo and conditioner is the choice for you. Boost your hair to its best volume with high-quality ingredients that won’t weigh it down! This lightweight formula will fortify your fine hair so you can achieve the volume you desire.

4. Curls Needing to be Tamed?

Curly hair, there’s a line for you too! The Curl Calming shampoo and conditioner are designed to moisturize and revive curls back to their natural bounce. Your hair has special needs, you deserve a special line crafted to bring out your best natural hair.


Ask your local Fantastic Sams salon about these brand-new, exclusive products!