The Best Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

With its many shades and variations, brunette hair can look gorgeous on just about anyone. That’s lucky for us all,  because it’s just about as easy to transform your hair color as it is to pick out your wardrobe for the day.

Whether you have naturally brown hair or are considering adding some brunette hues to your current hair color, we have some great brunette hair color ideas to try. Test them out temporarily or incorporate one (or a few) into your long-term look. Go as bold or as subtle as you’d like, with the help of our fantastic stylists. They’ll be able to work with you to determine the best way to make your brunette hair goals become reality.

A touch of caramel

A minimal touch of caramel color can produce a noticeably beautiful result. If you’re starting with a medium shade of brown, strategically-placed subtle caramel balayage can perk up your color and make it appear as if you’ve spent just the right amount of time in the sun. It’s a gorgeous—yet easy—way to spruce up your brown hair color if you’re not looking for a major color overhaul.

Starting with a darker brunette shade like a deeper chestnut color? Touches of caramel color throughout your hair can provide more of a contrast to your darker hair. Maybe you’ve already tried caramel highlights or balayage and you’re prepared for a bigger change? Ask your stylist to color chunkier sections of hair for a more pronounced color contrast, and you could also opt for super trendy moneypiece highlights around your face.

Fiery brunette

Another fantastic way to amplify your brunette hair is to add reddish hues like auburn, mahogany or even burnt orange. These fiery shades can work wonders on super dark brown hair, spicing it up with bold color or blending it smoothly with minor contrasts to your brunette locks.

Keeping your brown hair as a base, have your stylist add your favorite fiery shade to the very ends of your strands, throughout your whole head of hair. You can even have them blended in from mid-strand to the ends for a more natural balayage look. Either way, don’t be afraid to try a shade of red to complement your brown hair.

Rich coffee or chocolate brown

No matter what shade of hair you have naturally (or currently), a rich coffee or chocolate hue is a great choice! Dark, lustrous, all-over hair color can be just what you need to refresh your look, as well as your mood. Sometimes during the summer months, too much sunshine, pool chemicals and salt water can cause unsightly damage and uneven lightening of the hair. However, with the right care, FS protective products and a refreshing color makeover, your hair can look fab the rest of the summer with its newfound chocolate glow.

Golden brown goddess

If you’re a brunette by birth or by choice, but prefer to border on shades of blonde, a golden or honey brown hue might be for you. Keeping the medium brunette base, add lighter gold or honey balayage throughout, or ask your stylist to apply color only to the top half of your head. That way, the underneath portion can stay darker and show through in down styles, leaving the top with that sun-kissed golden glow. Add a flower in your hair and some beachy waves for the ultimate golden goddess vibes.

Some golden brown shades can even mix well with the slightest hint of peach or strawberry tones for a unique spin on your personal style. Whichever brunette hair color idea you choose, have fun with it and make sure to show us on social with #StyleMeFantastic.


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