Bold Hair is Back for 2022

The 90s were a bold decade. Individuality ruled with our flannel-accented wardrobes and grunge playlists. Confident and free was the theme of the times with locks of new bright hues and styled into blunt cuts.

The 90s may be over, but their spirit is making a comeback this spring in the form of blunt bangs, chunky highlights, and those same bold colors that stood out back then. Read on for ways to incorporate these throwback looks into your current style.

The red of the moment

Red never really goes out of season, but from fire engine red to brown-toned shades of copper, red shades are a great way to take your hair color up a notch.

When going red, consider both how bold you want to go, and how much processing your hair can take. Natural redheads may have an easier time dialing up their natural color, but if your tresses are a dark brown, it may take a couple of sessions with your stylist to achieve that bright crimson color that you want. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a light blonde, you need to ease into the color as well. Don’t let the possible time in your stylist’s chair deter you from your dream hair color. Your favorite FS stylist will work with you to achieve the look you want while keeping your hair healthy and vibrant in the process.

The beautiful contrast of light and dark

You may want to lighten your hair, but the blonde you crave clashes with your natural color, making it all too noticeable when those pesky roots begin to grow in. Blonde ends with long dark roots are not only trendy, but a gorgeous contrast that brightens up your whole look without too much maintenance.

This combo works beautifully on curly or straight hair. Ask your FS stylist to recommend colors that blend well but give you that bold look you’re seeking.

Chunky highlights are also a great option when you want bold color without the commitment. A few locks around your face can brighten up your look without having to worry about regular touchups.

Bangs of the times

Bangs are the most versatile yet major way to update your style. The blunt straight edge bangs you may recall from your favorite 90s-era TV shows are not only back, but work beautifully on everyone. They’re a great way to bring attention to your eyes or a quick fix if you lose patience waiting for your layered bangs to grow out. Whether paired with long hair or a short bob, we’d even argue that this look isn’t really back because it never went out of style.

Bold is always in style

When styles come back from prior decades, there are so many ways to personalize them and make the look your own. You can take the bold style of the 90s and tailor it to how you want to make a statement in 2022. It’s always the right time to be completely yourself.


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