Fantastic Tips For Women To Glow Up Long Hair

When it’s time for change, but…

When your long hair loses its luster, all you may need is some TLC to refresh your locks. You’ve worked months to grow it to this length and now you realize it’s lacking some style and shine.  You’re not loving it, but you don’t want to commit to anything new, or more than that, you don’t want to spend another long stretch of months growing out a style you chose out of desperation.

Updating your hair doesn’t necessarily mean “the big chop.” If your hair is looking dull and drab, there are many ways to give it a glow up, starting with how you wash your hair. Read on to find out how to take your tresses from boring to brilliant.

Steps you can take now for great looking hair

It’s hard to love long locks when all you see in the mirror is breakage and split ends. Before you call your stylist, there are ways that you can protect your hair to make it look better without resorting to a different kind of cut, beginning with how you wash and style it.

Don’t shampoo the shine away

Sometimes washing too much can dry out your hair by stripping it of the oils it needs to stay shiny. Consider limiting shampooing your hair to only a few times per week, bridging the gap with a little dry shampoo in between if your roots get too oily.

Beware of (too much) heat

Did you know heat damage and lack of moisture can be the two main culprits of damaged hair? We highly suggest for you to always use a heat protectant whenever you use any kind of blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener. Frequent use of hot hair tools can often be a source of hair contention, so limiting exposure can also help.

Start with the right brush

The kind of brush you use also matters, especially when you run it through wet hair. A boar bristle brush has a variety of benefits, including reducing the need for product and frequent shampoos. Using a brush with bristles that bend when you slide through the tangles will ensure a less painful brush and make it easier to untangle.

When you have to make a cut

Even if you are giving your hair the best care, it still needs to be cut. Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks will help remove and prevent split ends.  You may find that your hair is too brittle, thin, or simply too heavy to hold the bouncy style that you’re envisioning. Before you ask your stylist for a shorter cut, consider keeping most of the length with a layered cut. A layered style adds volume and flexibility while decreasing the weight of your hair.

Ask your stylist for long layers in the back and smooth, shorter ones around your face to create depth. Talk about what kind of layers work best for your hair texture and your personal style.

Bangs can also be a small but significant solve to a lackluster look. Curtain bangs that part down the middle and fall into the sides of the hair are easier to maintain than a blunt cut, but any kind of bangs require more maintenance. Before you make any drastic cutting moves, plan a free consultation with your stylist to decide what style will work best for your hair and align with your hair goals..

Color up to glow up

A perfect way to change up your style is to refresh it with some color. Whether you’re looking to go bold with a trendy bright color like blue or purple, or a simple refresh, throwing in some highlights can go a long way.

You can add subtle highlights around the crown or go for a full ombre or balayage treatment for more depth. You can dial it up or down according to the type of change you’d like to make.

No hair rut is too deep

If you are feeling like you’re in a hair rut, don’t panic! Your hair frustration may make you think you need a more significant update than you really want. But, it’s easier than that. Give your hair additional TLC and you will be surprised at the tiny changes you can make that result in a huge transformation. Your stylist would love to discuss an array of haircare tips that you can try in order to feel your best and reach your hair goals.

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