Men's Hairstyles: Fall Edition

Hey guys, now that it’s November, you’re probably preparing for seasonal get-togethers, family photos or work gatherings to celebrate the holiday season or the close of another year. For some, these events can incite worry that their hair won’t be selfie-worthy, but don’t fret. We’re here to help your hair look its best with these fall men’s hairstyles.

No matter the event or if you simply need a new look for the changing of the seasons, use the following hairstyle ideas as inspiration for your own unique fall style. Then discuss your hairstyle vision with your favorite FS stylist to make it happen.

Faded pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle makes a statement with its longer length of hair on top, paired with faded sides and back. Typically the hair on top is styled straight back with the goal of maximizing volume, so the pompadour works best when the hair is 2-3 inches long.

If you’re accustomed to styling your hair down or to the side, it may take some training to convince your hair to stay styled back. To help, we suggest a holding product such as our FS Grooming Crème. For fine hair or to keep longer pompadour styles in place, work a little FS X-treme Gel into damp hair before blow drying upward and back with a round brush.


The quiff hairstyle is similar to the pompadour, but the hair in the front is usually longer than the rest of the top length. And while the pompadour is known for its slicked-back volume, the quiff is a little more loosely defined in style. The majority of the hair on top can be brushed forward, with the longer front portion styled upward or spiked, or the hair can be texturized all over for a stylish-but-messy ‘do with the help of an FS styling product.

Pair the quiff style with a beard for the perfect fall look, and make sure to tag us in your selfies!

Manicured mid-length

This mid-length style is perfect for those who prefer a little more hair length than a close-cropped or faded style. Let the hair grow out a few inches all over the head, and work with your FS stylist to have the hairline and around the ears trimmed neatly. Whether you have wavy or thick hair, straight or fine, the medium length provides some styling flexibility and can be styled back or to the side. To help the hair stay put through your seasonal festivities, apply a pea-sized amount of FS Hard Wax into your palm, emulsify well, then work into dry hair.

Classic crew cut

If you’ve tried medium or longer-length hairstyles, now’s your chance to opt for something new and different, such as the classic crew cut. Ask your FS stylist to trim your hair short on the sides and in the back, leaving the hair slightly longer (very slightly!) on the top. You can personalize the look by adjusting the length of hair in the very front near your forehead, for more styling flexibility. Slick your hair to one side for a more polished finish, or tousle lightly to add a little texture. With shorter styles, and especially heading into colder months ahead, make sure to use a moisturizing or scalp-soothing shampoo like our FS Refresh Shampoo to combat dryness.

Whether you have a full schedule of upcoming holiday events or simply want to try a new fall hairstyle, our talented stylists have you covered. See you in the salon!


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