Now Is a Great Time to Try a Mid-Length Hairstyle

Don’t fear the scissors!

You’ve spent months, maybe even years, growing out your hair but now you may find yourself wanting a change. Maybe laps in the pool and the summer sun weren’t so fun causing split ends or damage, or those highlights you loved so much left your hair a bit dry after a few rounds of bleach. If a refresh is what you’re looking for but you’re afraid to chop off too much, a mid-length cut is the way to go. You can keep the length you need to pull it back when you have to, but just a couple of inches can go a long way in refreshing your look without a radical change to your daily maintanence. Read on for some great mid-length syles that are low risk but high impact!

The lob

The bob has been around for generations for good reason. Shoulder-length hairstyles are flattering for most face shapes and textures of hair. The lob, or long bob, is chopped at a longer length has the look and shape of a shorter cut but still feels like longer hair. Depending on the type of style you ask for, you can go with a blunt or layered bob. This style keeps all the convenience of long locks, allowing you to pull it back into a bun or ponytail, and can make maintenance even easier with a decrease in blow out time. Chat with your stylist about a lob that catches your eye and how to make it work in your daily routine.

Curl into a new style

If regular straightening of curly hair leaves you wishing for a change in your style and for more time getting ready, cutting your curls to mid-length is a fantastic option. A mid-length style at shoulder length can highlight your waves without all the extra inches weighing it down. Playing up the natural state of your hair brings out the shine and keeps it healthy as heated hair tools aren’t as needed. When you see your stylist, ask them about products you can use to keep the perfect coil in your curls and what length works for you. Depending on how curly your hair is, your stylist may want to cut it dry to make sure it’s at your desired curly, not straight, length.

A couple of inches can go a long way

You may think that in order to change your look, you need to go the drastic route. A mid-length style, maybe with a few new touches of color, is a small adjustment that can make a huge impact. Don’t hang on to a length you no longer love because you’re afraid of suffering through the time it will take to grow back. Work with your stylist to create the cut you want at a length you can handle. If long hair is still what you crave, a cut to freshen it up may be worth the time in between a lob and long flowing locks. Your FS stylist is always there to work with you from your current look to what you aspire to have in the future.


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