Reasons to Love Your Local Fantastic Sams Stylists


Your hairstylist holds a special place within your heart. As someone who helps your hair look fantastic month after month, you come to rely on them for much more than just your haircut or hair color. They become a part of your extended family, perhaps someone with whom you share secrets that nobody else knows or someone you can trust for unbiased advice. At Fantastic Sams, our Stylists are here to support you with not only the latest haircuts and coloring expertise, but to also act as an extension of your family.

Need more reasons to love your local Fantastic Sams Stylists?

Cutting Expertise

They know the difference between a bob and a lob haircut, whether bangs would look good for your face shape and which types of layers work best for your hair texture and thickness. They also know all the latest haircutting trends like curtain bangs, shag hairstyles and pixie cuts that you’ve seen on your favorite celebrities.

Men’s hair is also a specialty at Fantastic Sams. From buzz cuts to pompadours to undercuts and more, we can refresh your current haircut or recommend something different to keep you looking fantastic and in style.

ASA_Honorable_Mention_-_Commercial_Haircutting_Short_-_Dani_Loseto_-_Cape_Coral_FL.jpg*Haircut by Dani Loseto, Fantastic Sams of Cape Coral, FL

There are so many different hairstyles and haircuts out there, with new trends popping up constantly. Your Fantastic Sams Stylist has seen them all and has the talent and expertise to create your haircut vision. Thanks to the unique range of guests’ hair they see day-in and day-out, along with the educational opportunities provided by Fantastic Sams, your local Stylists are equipped for any haircut dreams you may have, however complicated they may seem.

Hair Color Trends

ASA_Honorable_Mention_-_Commercial_Haircolor_-_Sarah_Strong_-_Winona_MN.jpg*Hair Color by Sarah Strong, Fantastic Sams of Winona, MN

From hair coloring techniques like ombre and balayage to trendy shades like ash blonde, mushroom brown, pastel or opal hair color shades or mermaid hair, your local Fantastic Sams salon has done it. Want to try a new summer color to remind you of the beach sunset, like a pink, orange or copper hue? Your Stylist will determine the best way to achieve it considering your natural color, previous color application and other factors. Looking for a bolder color like a vibrant violet or icy blue? Trust your local FS Stylist.

Fantastic Products

Your local Fantastic Sams salon carries innovative hair products from well-known and loved brands. In addition to the FS line of products, each salon carries other brands and products to choose from. Your Stylist knows how each product works with different hair types or textures and can recommend the best products to mold or sculpt a particular style, tame frizz, define curls or finish off your routine to keep it looking fantastic through work and play.

Wealth of Knowledge

As hairstylists are always in demand, they’re able to gain a lot of expertise and build a wealth of knowledge on all hair types. They’re familiar with the chemistry of hair color, being able to apply exactly the right combination of color products to make your hair visions become reality, and they also know the best specialty treatments and hair care tips to help your hair look its best.

Your local Fantastic Sams Stylists are multitalented superstars – they budget their time and clientele while looking fantastic themselves, managing walk-ins and being creative all at the same time. They are always building on talents, using previous experiences and applying knowledge to grow and prosper in their career while helping guests get a hair refresh or all-out transformation.

Personal Connections

While you’re sitting in your Stylist’s chair, it’s great to chit-chat, but oftentimes your Stylist will lend more of a listening ear for your life’s challenges. Whether your woes consist of bad DIY haircuts or relationship troubles, your Stylist will likely have a helpful word of advice or provide a new point-of-view that you may not have previously considered. Extending beyond haircuts and hair color, Stylists generally love to help their guests, whether it’s consoling them after a break-up or celebrating their achievements.


It’s a great feeling when you’ve reached the end of your hair appointment and your Stylist removes the cape and turns your chair around to the mirror for the big reveal. You instantly feel fantastic, and perhaps more confident, ready to take on the world. And your Stylist shares in the feeling, knowing they’ve helped guests feel better about themselves.

Those personal connections between Fantastic Sams Stylists and their guests keep the momentum going beyond creating gorgeous hair. Stylists grow as artists and business professionals while building lasting relationships with the community.

The hair industry is ever-changing, continuously evolving with new hairstyle trends, hair coloring and cutting techniques, innovative products and more. And you can keep up with it all by trusting your local Fantastic Sams Stylists.


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