Say Goodbye to Static Hair in Winter

New season, new hair issues

Now that humidity is a months-long memory, our tresses have another element to contend with in winter. The artificial indoor heat combined with the dry air of the colder months up the ante on static electricity. While that adorable wool hat keeps your head toasty and warm, it really only adds to the friction. Are you destined for your hair to stand up until spring? Never fear, there are ways to battle the static, starting with what you use in your shower.

Wash and moisturize

A moisturizing shampoo is your first line of defense against dry and brittle hair. The right products will keep your locks hydrated and your scalp itch-free. Ask your favorite FS Stylist to recommend the best product for you and your hair type. A good starting bet is trying a shampoo formulated for dry hair. You may be thinking this will leave your hair oily, especially if that’s your usual hair type, but different times of year call for a change in your normal routine for both your skin and your hair.

You may think using a hydrating shampoo would allow you to skip the conditioner, but you’d be missing the most crucial step. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner like Biosilk Silk Therapy Coconut Oil Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner will infuse moisture in the strands to help combat dryness, and coat your hair to help fight the electric charge that causes static.

When daily conditioner isn’t enough, and your hair always feels dry, even in the warmer months, a deep conditioning treatment can work wonders. Your FS stylist can help you pick one according to your hair type and how much extra moisture you may need, and can even give you a moisturizing treatment at your local salon.

Another way to create your own static guard is to simply not shampoo as often. Skipping the suds an extra day or two is a great way to hold on to moisture in your hair and prevent flyaways. The number of days to wait between shampoos depends on your hair type and your level of activity. If your hair is oily by nature or you sweat a lot in your daily workout, this may not be an option you can use often.

Check your hat

Wool hats can create their own static. They can rub against hair and cause breakage if your hair is already damaged, or soak up moisture and leave parched strands even worse. But you don’t have to forgo your hat and the warmth it provides when the temperatures drop. Try to find a hat or beanie with a satin inside lining. You’ll still get all the protection against the cold without a head full of static when you come back inside. Tucking in a dryer sheet can also help to absorb extra static, and using a smoothing product like our FS Nourishing Serum will add an extra layer of moisture and shine.

Give your hair the best chance against the elements

Your FS Stylist can suggest many products or techniques to combat static in the winter as well as frizz in the summer. We’re here to help your hair look its best!

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