Tips For Gorgeous Sun-Kissed Summer Hair

Spending hours upon hours in the sun during summer is a surefire way to add touches of blonde to your locks naturally, but who has time for that? And what about the damage you may be doing to the hair, and your skin for that matter? Plus, there’s no way to guarantee your hair will look great with this potentially ineffective, DIY route.

Our suggestion? See your favorite Fantastic Sams stylist for that gorgeous sun-kissed summer hair glow.

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic hair color change or more of a subtle, seasonal touch, read on for some inspiration before chatting with your local hair color professional. We can recommend the best way to glow up your current hair color shade and how to best care for it to keep it looking great all summer long.

Dial up the blonde

If you’re starting with an already-blonde shade or a light-to-medium brunette hue, take your blonde up a notch by adding one or more lighter shades throughout your hair. Ask your stylist for more concentrated color on the crown of your head, as well as in the front and sides to frame your face and brighten up your overall look.

Are you starting with hair that’s already blonde-ish but still looking for a way to give it that sun-kissed finish? The solution may lie in adding both highlights and lowlights for additional dimension as opposed to a solid all-over color look.

Whether you’re adding an ashy, cool shade or a golden, yellow glow, we are here for dialing up the blonde for the ultimate sunny summer glow.

Subtle balayage blonde

Those with darker blonde or brown hair may opt to lighten up their hair color in a more subtle way, using a balayage technique. Your stylist can strategically color your strands from the middle to the ends of your hair, to give them a natural-looking touch of sun without the risk of actual UV damage. If you’re starting with a darker shade of brown or black hair, or even red for that matter, no worries! Adding a sun-kissed glow will incorporate some different, lighter shades based on your natural color. That’s the beauty of seeing a hair color professional. They’ll know exactly how to lighten your hair considering all the factors in play, such as previous color usage, your natural hue, your maintenance and styling routine and desired outcome.

Blonde with contrast

You’re probably already familiar with the ombre look and its many variations, but have you tried it with blonde? No matter your natural or beginning color, you can incorporate an ombre hair color into your summer fun. Try a platinum blonde or bright golden shade with dark brown or black roots. Or, fake the super dark roots with a root shadow technique, in which your stylist can apply a darker hair color at the roots for increased contrast between your lighter blonde shade and the root. You don’t have to have long hair for an ombre to look great—it works well on all hair lengths.

For reddish hues at the root, a red-to-blonde (or strawberry blonde) ombre is the way to go. If you have dark brown or black hair and aren’t necessarily wanting a super bright blonde look, opt for less of a contrast with a dark blonde or even light shade of brown. The contrast between your natural shade and the sun-kissed version will have you longing for summer year-round.

Our stylists are ready to help perfect your look for the season. See you in the salon soon!

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