Transitioning Your Hair Color From Summer to Fall

Fall ahead to new style

The summer sun often inspires us to lighten up our look and add more blonde or lighter colors to our hairstyle. Blonde and red shades are common during the summer months, but you may want a different look or possibly less maintenance come fall. Spending the hottest days swimming and soaking in the rays can give your locks some damage and unwanted tones by the time the leaves start to change color. A dull and brassy style may have you looking for a change as the days get shorter. With fall and its rich colors on the horizon, your inclination may be to simply cover your current hue, but it all depends on how much upkeep you’re willing to commit to. Read on for some tips to take your style and hair color into the new season.

Ease into autumn color

You don’t have to get rid of your blonde strands for fall if you don’t want to. If summer elements like chlorine and sun exposure altered your intended shade, your FS stylist can help adjust the overall color through professional color application, by incorporating a toner or by using a purple shampoo to alleviate some of the brassy color. Adding low lights is a great way to keep your light streaks while veering toward a warmer, darker color. For a low-maintenance approach, give ombre or balayage a try. The beauty of these techniques is that as your roots grow, they blend in and enhance your color. If you went very blonde this summer and want to bring your hair closer to its natural color, ask your FS stylist to start adding darker pieces with a more gradual transition as we head into cooler temperatures.

Deep, full color

While highlights and balayage are easy to maintain, another option is to cover your summer color with a deep hue for fall. Rich browns are popular as are bold reds, and if you don’t mind the occasional root touch up, all-over color can be both beautiful and easy to maintain. Speak to your FS stylist about what you are looking for. If you’re very blonde now, you may need a few visits to darken your tresses before going deep brunette or red.


If swimming and sunbathing were your two favorite summer pastimes, both may have taken a toll on your hair. No matter what your plans include for your haircut or hair color, dry ends don’t pair well with any fall hair shade or style. A deep conditioning hair mask or our FS Keratin Conditioner could give your locks the moisture it’s been thirsting for and promote the overall health of your hair. Hydrating conditioners, like our FS Moisturizing Conditioner, and oil treatments also go a long way in mending dryness and breakage, and so does visiting your FS stylist for a trim.

Fall is fun

Don’t think because the temperature is cooling off that you can’t have fun with your hair. Take care of any current damage, prevent future damage and talk to your FS stylist about your fresh fall hair goals and how to achieve them.


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