Beat the Heat with These Long Hairstyles for Summer

It’s almost time for the long days of summer and if you have long hair, it can be difficult to stay cool while looking fantastic. Ponytails are wonderful and it’s easy to tie your hair back quickly and get on with your busy schedule, but it’s also nice to get creative and really show off your personal style.

Whether you’re out running errands, shopping for the perfect weekend outfit or hanging on the patio with friends or family, we’ve got you covered with these long hairstyles for summer. Take these ideas as inspiration for your next hot weather occasion, or try them all with your own variations. Make sure to show us your long hairstyles on social by using #StyleMeFantastic.

Braids for all occasions

We absolutely love braids for their endless versatility. For this gorgeous style…

Step 1: Start by sectioning off your hair into two halves with a center part.

Step 2: Separate each half again with a center part inside each half, leaving four total sections of hair.

Step 3: French braid each section of hair back and down your head and secure until all four sections have been braided.

Step 4: Secure all the hair together into a low ponytail with a sturdy elastic. Grab a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic to hide it and secure that strand with a bobby pin. Voila!

Step 5: Finish it off by pulling out a few strands around the face and secure the style with FS Finishing Spray.

If you haven’t mastered the French braid technique, you can still incorporate braids into your summer hairstyle. Gather all of your hair in your hands at the nape of your neck and braid from there, creating a loose, low braid with an effortless, bohemian look.

You could also try a half-up braided style with only the hair from the crown, or take a section from each side of the head and braid them back until they meet at the crown, securing with a fancy barrette or hair pins.

There are so many ways to add braids for both beauty and functionality, keeping your hair out of your face and off your neck for those warmer days of summer.

Retro inspo

Retro hairstyles are known for their extra-large waves or barrel curls, sometimes featuring pinned-up sections or an all-over updo with a scarf or bandana. These pin-up styles are not only gorgeous; they can also keep your long hair up to help you beat the heat this summer.

Get started with a retro hairstyle by gathering the top half of hair (like you were doing a half-up style) and separate that section down the center. Twist each of the two sections into a coil and secure with hair pins. Add some glamour with large waves throughout the rest of your hair.

If you prefer to have your hair totally off your neck and shoulders, continue to separate sections from the rest of the hair that’s still down, and twist or coil those sections up toward the back of the head, securing with hair pins.

Summer buns

When you have long hair in the summer, you’re bound to try some form of bun hairstyle. Whether it’s a low variety or sits high on top of your head, the summer bun definitely ranks as one of our favorite long hairstyles for summer. If you’re a bun regular, you may have already tried switching up the style a bit, slicking back the hair or opting for a loosely gathered, messy bun. Top it off with some new blunt-cut bangs and make a statement for the upcoming season.

You can even add faux bangs to your summer bun hairstyle by starting with a deep side part and smoothing the hair over to one side before sweeping the rest of the hair up into a perfectly coiffed bun. To combat humidity, apply some FS Nourishing Serum onto damp hair before blow drying to protect against

However you choose to show it off, have fun with this summer hairstyle and make it your own.

Cool accessories

Instead of a plain elastic band, grab some fun summer hair accessories to stay cool this season. A patterned scarf or headband can work wonders in keeping your hair out of the way while adding just the right pop of color or touch of personality to any outfit. You could also take it a step further by pairing a headband with a summer bun style or even a ponytail to dress them up a bit.

Hair clips are another fun summer hair accessory to help you beat the heat with long hair. Secure half-up styles with a sleek hair clip, and get creative on how the hair is pulled back. Twist it up like you’re creating a bun, but let the tail end of hair flow freely out of the clip for a unique spin.

Keep it fun

The most important thing to remember about having long hair in the summer is to have fun with it! Don’t stress about creating a new hairstyle daily; start small by trying something new here and there, say once per week. Once you feel more confident about your hairstyling strengths, up your game and keep turning heads as you keep it cool this season.


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