Three Ways to Change Your Hair for Fall

When the leaves start falling and the wind turns cooler, you might find yourself dreaming of cozy sweaters and scarves, fall boots or wrapping up in a fuzzy blanket to hibernate for the chillier weather. While the weather may dictate some of these necessities—it’s also called cozy season, after all—don’t forget about your hair.

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Hair Tips for the Gym and Beyond

Having a regular workout schedule doesn’t mean you can’t also have fantastic looking hair all the time—you must simply know how to style and care for it between your exercise routine and the rest of your busy schedule.

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How Aging Affects Your Hair

Aging happens to us all, but there’s no need to fret when we see our first gray hair in the mirror. While we can’t reverse the aging process, we can make the most of it with regular visits to our favorite FS Stylist and take other steps to minimize the appearance of aging’s effects on our hair.

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Fantastic (& Easy) Girls’ Hairstyles for Back to School

It’s that time of year again, when the kids are finally getting into the freedom of summer, and they have to cut the fun short to go back to school. Or they may be getting restless with all the free time and are excited to hit the books once again. Either way, your schedule always gets hectic when school starts again, so it helps to have some great hairstyle ideas in mind for those busy mornings.

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Reasons to Love Your Local Fantastic Sams Stylists

Your hairstylist holds a special place within your heart. As someone who helps your hair look fantastic month after month, you come to rely on them for much more than just your haircut or hair color. They become a part of your extended family, perhaps someone with whom you share secrets that nobody else knows or someone you can trust for unbiased advice.

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Fantastic Men's Hair Care Tips

Hair care applies across all genders, and while some men may have a quicker routine than others, hair health is just as important for men as it is for women. To keep hair looking great, you need to give tresses some love and attention, whether your locks flow down past your shoulders or are closely cropped by a buzz cut.

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Five Top Hair Care Tips for Summer

Summer is when we all get to exhale. Lazy days, gauzy sundresses, and for some, being able to wash and go with minimal hair maintenance. But while we can take a more relaxed approach to this change in season, we need to protect our hair and not cause any unintentional damage before the summer sun fades and the leaves change.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Nothing beats that feeling of freshly washed hair. The scent of the shampoo fills your senses and, depending on your hair texture, the locks can be shiny and silky to the touch.

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